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Motor capacitors Voltage Dimensions Image
3MF 450VAC 38*63MM
  • Motor-Run-Capacitor-CBB60-
  • comar mk series motor run capacitors Small
  • capacitors
5MF 450VAC  
8MF 450VAC  
10MF 450VAC  
12MF 450VAC  
14MF 450VAC  
16MF 450VAC  
20MF 450VAC  
25MF 450VAC  
30MF 450VAC  
35MF 450VAC  
40MF 450VAC  
45MF 450VAC  
50MF 450VAC  
60MF 450VAC  
80MF 450VAC  
100MF 450VAC  
Motor start Capacitors Voltage Dimensions Image
80MF-100MF 280VAC  
  • DSC00115
100MF-120MF 280VAC  
150MF- 280VAC  
200MF-220MF 280VAC  
250MF-300MF 280VAC  
400MF-450MF 280VAC  
450MF-500MF 280VAC